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about us

The Gilded Mask was created out of a desire to positively influence the Australian belly dance community by putting a passion for well-organised events to good use. Realising that our vision could be utilised by a myriad of artistic pursuits, we set about creating the structure of an organisation that grows alongside the performing arts community and encourages coalescence amongst all forms of artistic expression


- We seek tO -

Provide dancers & performers with an opportunity to train with the best of local & international talent

Facilitate artist engagement in the broader community

 Enrich & support the increasingly besieged cultural environment for the arts

 Foster a well-networked, practically resourced and inclusive grassroots community of artists & performers


- We want to see artists flourish -

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our services

Our services run the gamut from workshop facilitation, professional development, grant submission & administrative assistance to managing events, creation of community-based projects, and providing working artists for a range of occasions

Middle of the night muse keeping you awake?

Need a veritable leviathan of performers to activate an event space?


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the arboretum

A home for our beloved artists


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Have a burning idea you'd like to discuss? Need to book a performer? Drop us a line at or fill out the little form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.