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Deb Rubin Dance Therapeutics Intensive Level 1

Dance Therapeutics Intensive, Level 1

15 hours of in-depth study with Dancer, Yogi, & Dance Therapeutics Creatrix, Deb Rubin

Optional pathway for D.T. Level 1 Certification - Proudly presented by The Gilded Mask

Enhance Your Dance. Transform your Life. 

Whether you are a tribal fusion, ATS or oriental belly dancer, beginner or professional, this weekend intensive is for you! 

Sourced from over 20 years study/exploration in Somatics, Yoga, Movement Arts, Mind-Body Medicine, Integrative Anatomy, and applied specifically for dancers, this immersion includes cutting-edge teaching that is not normally integrated in regular belly dance classes. 

It will dramatically unlock & unwind your body, open new movement pathways, refine your technique and improve flexibility & strength. 

It will balance your mind, broaden somatic awareness and understanding of anatomy, helping you access deeper levels of your artistic embodiment in the studio, on the stage, and in life!


Friday 10 Feb, Evening Session: 3hrs
Saturday 11 Feb, Morning Session: 3hrs
Saturday 11 Feb, Afternoon Session: 3hrs
Sunday 12 Feb, Morning Session: 3hrs
Sunday 12 Feb, Afternoon Session A: 1.5hrs
Sunday 12 Feb, Afternoon Session B: 1.5hrs

{Exact Studio Location & Times TBC}


**Friday 10 Feb, Evening Session: 3hrs**
Body as Canvas: Foundation, Interconnectivity & Functional Anatomy

  • Dance Therapeutics Groundwork

  • Unlock the body and maximize potential for flow state

  • Dancer anatomy, exploration of fascial planes

  • Self-care practice techniques for traditionally ‘stuck’ areas of the belly dancer body, such as I.T. band, hips, back, legs & psoas muscle

**Saturday 11 Feb, Morning Session: 3hrs**
Dance Therapeutics Upper Body

  • Delve into the upper spine, ribs, shoulders, neck, and side body as they relate to belly dance

  • Unlock the thoracic spine, for ultimate tribal posture & frame that saves the shoulder joints

  • Focus on the shoulder girdle, and relationship of shoulder girdle to spine and ribs, and it’s implicit relevance to this dance form

  • Integration of the material through technique drills and short dance combinations

**Saturday 11 Feb, Afternoon Session: 3hrs**
Awakening the Fluid Core

  • Exploration of access and articulation of the core through Deb's signature core-integrated Yoga for bellydancers

  • Cultivation of strength THROUGH movement

  • Learn how to differentiate structural core from superficial core for increased articulation and movement quality

  • Comprehensive daily practice designed to prepare the body specifically for belly dance

  • (This module is wonderful for postpartum women, post-abdominal surgery recovery, chronic low back sufferers, and anyone looking to deepen their core-connection)

**Sunday 12 Feb, Morning Session: 3hrs**
Dance Therapeutics Lower Body

  • Enable increased spinal articulation, deeply & safely. Release the low back, hips, glutes, sacrum, and legs

  • Dramatically increase ability for belly dance isolations and layering

  • Lasting tools for your own personal practice and dancer self-care

  • A therapeutic daily series will be given for low back/hips

**Sunday 12 Feb, Afternoon Session A: 1.5hrs**
Healthy Backbending: The Basics

  • Focuses on proper alignment and mechanics of back bending

  • A somatized, yoga-based vinyasa flow daily practice sequence that is designed to develop the path towards healthy back bending

  • (Please note: The mechanics of basic back bending will be introduced and practiced safely; Intermediate/Advanced back bending technique module is offered only as part of D.T. L2)

**Sunday 12 Feb, Afternoon Session B: 1.5hrs**
Self-Care for Dancers: Holistic Approach

  • Practical and effective self-care techniques

  • Injury care and ways to support your body outside the studio

  • Integration of D.T. learning directly into your life and practice

  • Mental & emotional grounding to centre before performances

  • Discussion of L2 coursework and certification

Fee structure - Dance Therapeutics Intensive

Early Bird payment in Full $585AU
(Ends 31st October 2016)

Payment in Full $610AU
(From 1st November 2016 onwards)

Monthly Payments x 5 $122AU
Beginning 2nd September 2016; 
Final Payment due 15th January 2017
(Total cost $610AU) 

<<To begin monthly payments after Sept, please contact Gilded Mask>>

Certificate of Completion for Dance Therapeutics L1 given at end of Intensive

Optional Testing and L1 Certification Available:
Details on CERTIFICATION Fee structure & additional obligations for Certification Testing are available upon request

Payment Options for D.T. Intensive:
Bank Transfer//Direct Deposit

**Please note that workshop bookings are non-refundable, but fully transferable. 

Due to the nature of the intensive, bookings for individual sessions will not be offered at this stage

To register, please email:


with the following information to confirm your place and receive invoice & payment instructions:

Contact phone number:
Billing address:
Payment in Full or Payment Plan:

For more information on Deb Rubin’s Dance Therapeutics: 

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or contact us to discuss anything regarding registrations, payment, or course content. 

We very much look forward to hearing from you! 

With warmest regards,

Elise & Brigid

The Gilded Mask

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3:30 PM15:30

The Sunday Wind Down

“…because we don’t want it to be over!”

Sunday evening, November 13th, 6pm-9pm
$10 Entry at the door

VENUE: Pulse
1 Pitt St, Brunswick
(right next door to Bottoms Up Burlesque)

Come join us for the Sunday Wind-Down, an informal, welcoming and relaxed gathering with nibbles & drinks, a casual open-stage and mini-souk!

Intended as the final opportunity for Mardi Love Workshop Participants to socialize & unwind after 3 days of dance decadence & professional development training... AND it's open to the broader bellydance community, friends & family... Mardi *might* be there - no promises!

**What will it be?**


  • A super-chill, friendly atmosphere in a beautiful venue, with fun tunes and awesome, supportive people

  • A casual open stage, and we mean casual!! 

  • Vendors with gorgeous things to buy (oh my!)

  • Light nibbles & drinks for purchase, or BYO

We love dancing, and we LOVE our dance community, so let's spend some time together!!

This is the "Mardi Love Weekend in Melbourne" event where it's our overall last chance to unwind, enjoy new and renewed friendships, and hang with fellow dance-lovers from all over the country, as we reflect on what a weekend that was!

It's a place where anyone can get up and show us your groove... You can share your latest dance pieces hot-off-the-press or bring out some old favourites; you can improvise solo or with friends; or in groups together dancing 'Formats' such as ATS, ITS, RBB, Elysium and more!! There might just be some improvisational dance games so we can play, just for fun...

Delightful wares of the tribal-style kinds will be available for purchase from our lovely vendors... and of course you can just come and hang out!! We'd love to see you there.

If you are interested in dancing, vending, or want to bring something to share like nibbles we want to hear from you!

Email tribalfiendevents@gmail.com

with “The Sunday Wind-Down” in the subject line.

We will get back to you with further details, we promise :)

*There will be no official photographer / videographer at this event, but please feel free to arrange your own! 
*There will be no formal MC, set running list/ performance times- yup, it’s THAT casual! 
*There WILL be a space for dancers to ‘warm up/ stretch/ get dressed, but it is NOT a formal greenroom area and LIMITED mirrors - be ready to do simple changes, if at all... (remember, this is casual!) 
*You’re welcome to dress up as much as you like, or dress down as much as you like - costumes or no costumes, the choice is yours!

Looking forward to hearing from you, and of course, to seeing you there on the night!

With all our love, 
The Three Crazy Redheads
Amanda, Kylie & Brigid

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