the arboretum


raqborum fiscobus

A spectacle like no other!

From 5 people to 50, a few minutes to a few of hours: curated roving & static performances, themed iterations and a constantly evolving landscape for artists to express themselves within; Raqborum has it all!

Circus, dance, theatrical & musical acts of all kinds, if you’d like to step up & be carni’d...contact us

Or check out the current incarnation here

curiosity box

Performance feedback sessions, dramaturgy, production, stage management and creative writing sessions: all available in person and via Skype

The orchid dolls

Flapper Fusion Bellydance for the Vintage Soul

The Orchid Dolls are one of Melbourne’s newest fusion belly dance companies, specialising in 20’s jazz era performances. Think flappers, Egyptian revival, art deco and beyond!

scheherazade & steam


looking for something a little different? or fancy a place among within our arboretum?